Gaeltacht Irland Reisen - Confidential Documents


Quite confidential.

1. Mori Research

We have had MORI on behalf of Tourism Ireland to examine some 8000 of our clients by end of 2005. Response rate: 28% / 2.249 people. Results were presented in Dublin, TI Headoffice, early 2006: MORI Presentation
Some selected results are showing big differences between normal German average (for Ireland) and our Gaeltacht figures.
Main reason: we mostly deal with 'real holiday makers', at almost no extent with the 'short city breakers'. Differences can also be explained with some different approaches and emphasisses laid on (i.e.: on the geographical North)

1.1. The short version of it (7 pages only)

2. Presentation 2008

We’ve made a presenation to TI in the year 2008 – the complete version of it
(Present: Margret Cahill, then Head of Europe, Siobhan McManamy, Tina Gauges).

Extra: Two important excerpts from this presentation (Powerpoint):
a)  Rainbow Route 1993 – Reasons for the success: here download
b)  Our involvement in the Frankfurt Book Fair 1996: here download

3. New Research 2011

* June 2011:  further evaluation (lifestyle study) of our database by the independent company „market intellegence“ (working closely with Deutsche Post).
Main findings: Gaeltacht families are, compared with all Germany: - older (probably wrong, due to the method of the research!), - live in own houses (and far longer in the same), - in big cities,  – have more income and more internet-affinity…)

- Complete Customer Profile Measurement Gaeltacht Irland Reisen
- List of cities with big, small, no potential
- Map: distribution in Germany of our current clientele
- Map: where in Germany is our big potential, wehre small, were non at all?

More to Download

From 2011
1. Our two Car Ferry Access brochures (assisted by TI)
a) the General one (motivational piece; gives reasons and examples how and why to travel by ferry; explains the product),
b) Gaeltacht’s 'Ferry Bible' – with all details, prices..of all sea carriers

2. Our (Test-)Voucher booklet 2011 for a new Rainbow Route: here download

3. Paper/Letter to Leo Vardakar dated 16.6.2011: here download

4. Letter from Enda Kenny to our „irland journal“ readers – the day he was elected: here download

5. Letter to both Tourism ministers, Mr. Leo Varadkar and Ms. Arlene Foster, dated 12th of Juli, 2011

Clicks since 15. Oktober 2010:  5.620.000   (as per May, 2013) - app. 180.000 clicks per month; since January 2013: more than 10.000 a day...  See Statistics

7. Gaeltacht's Group Departement runs under Download 'Who is EBZ Ireland'

From 2010
8.  Refused Original Funding application to Culture Ireland: here download
9.  Then re-worded for Tourism Ireland, but never officially presented to them: here download

10.  And this was the then complete Calendar of Events 2010 for Germany – containing some 600 Irish-Celtic related gigs, concerts and ebents…. We run out of stock, this was the reason to approach Culture Ireland. Reason for the no „We don’t support brochues“.

Still, all these gigs are online only on our Website here
- ... (here you can search)
- (From this own German online-portal  we draw down our actual printversion and publish them here for download:

- Info Portal on Irish(Celtic) Music – with some 4000 featured CDs, 1000 articles on Irish musicians etc..

11.  Our brochure for the 'Kirchentag' assisted by TI; 30.000 copies were distributed at the Second Ecumenical Kirchentag in Munich 2010; a couple of thousands at the „Evangelische Kirchentag in Dresden 2011).
Own website:

12.  History of Gaeltacht Irland Reisen & irland journal: here download

13.  Slightly outdated (1998-2001) Rural Tourism: here download

2012 + 2013

14. Our proposal for the year 2013 '30 nights of Irish Arts and Culture' (which we buried by August).

a) The complete short proposal in brief here:
The proposal - copy of letter to taoiseach, president and departments

b) And a more detailed document to show how carefully we had prepared the project (in 2011 and 2012) Pdf-Appendixes / enclosures – all in this one file
I - German-Irish (Cultural) Relations – in a critical European context of today
And: How to connect all projects in Germany 2013 with each other and multiply
media coverage - The importance of the Gathering message
II - Projects and work we already started in support of GERMANY 2013
III - Most crucial: the timetable
IV - More concrete ideas
V “Thank you” Letter from the Arts Council 1996 re “Day of Irish Life”

15. Our then big project '500 Days of Irish Life in Germany 2013 which worked out as more than 1000 Irish Cultural events  in the first half year of 2013

In these 502 German towns and villages a Day of Irish Life event took place

16. May, 3rd, 2013: Starting point of our year long 30th Birthday Party - on the web.
Every day a new price can be won /from books, CDs to vouchers (for a free hotel stay) or to real free tickets (from Aer Lingus and car ferry companies): special

This short Powerpoint presentation explains our approach to the trade.

17.  Our this year's brochures 2013

a) probably no other touroperator in the world has spent 12 and more pages on the GATHERING in his hard sell brochure. We did, explained it and produced a first calendar of events

Our special Gaeltacht (travel) brochure (including 12 pages on “The Gathering”):
as ebook or
as download (PDF)

b) Our Irish Life – Reader and Travel Book 
as eBook or
as download (PDF)

The current situation (as per 22.5.2013)

Below: Interactive Map of Germany showing most of the events from 1 January to 30 June 2013 (This is more than the official figure of about 1070 evnets. Reason: we have started to include events after Junde 30th, 2013):

1,133 venues hosting all the events of “500 Days of Irish Life in Germany“! Clicking one of the red pins shows the venue and corresponding dates.

921 venues only that can be displayed in the map! There are more but for some we don’t have the necessary spatial data!
On ...
.... people are able to browse for artists or locations (by postcode area or on the map). And they could look at or download a PDF or sortable Excel table showing all events.

The map

Hinweis 1642 Veranstaltungsorte zu den 500 Days Veranstaltungen - Das dauert einen Moment!
Hinweis Ein Klick auf eine der gezeigten roten Stecknadeln zeigt den Veranstaltungsort und die Termine!

Hinweis 1194 Locations (von 1642) in der Karte anzeigbar!
Es sind mehr - allerdings fehlen uns für einige die Geo-Daten!


PS: Does the wording “DAY OF IRISH LIFE” sound familiar?
Yes, of course it does: in 1996 we (Netzwerk Irland under the general management of the irland journal magazine) already ran “The Day of Irish Life in Germany” : around the “Ireland and its Diaspora Festival” on the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair 1996 – Ireland being the focal theme country. We co-ordinated some 1,300 of such “Days”, meaning: 1300 events with a variety of Irish cultural themes – everywhere in Germany:nationwide.
You can find these links :
- History – backgound 1996 – how we co-ordinated 1300 Days of Irish Life
- History – 1300 Days – in the event calandar of 1996 (it shows the nationwide spread and the variety of topics/themes/performances).
- Thank you letter Arts Council of Ireland (as we were acting on their official behalf.)


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